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March 97th, 2020

What day is it?

For those who haven't worked remotely before now, working from home amid the current pandemic may have seemed like the best thing to happen since sliced bread. Americans across the states have been rejoicing and enjoying the opportunity to not dress up in professional wear every morning to go into the office.

I was one of those Americans. The problem now though is two weeks in and I cannot tell you what day of the month it is. Sure, not showering to log on to that 9:30AM meeting and keeping my line muted to enjoy that breakfast cookie has been fun and all but that novelty is quickly beginning to wear out.

Learning that this global lockdown may go on for another month has many on a quest to find out the best way to get through it...without turning into a Netflix bum.

The issue that millions are now facing is an abnormality in the schedule of life. Many of us are used to mandatory alarm clocks waking us up in the attempt to have a productive day...outside. Whether COVID-19 has you working remotely or unfortunately, currently out of work, sticking to a regular routine will keep you out of sitting in that house robe for eight straight hours.

"The Ideal Performance State - peak performance under pressure - is achieved when all levels [physical, mental, emotional & spiritual] are working together."

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Mental Toughness. Boston, Massachusetts: Harvard Business Review Press, 2018.


I've become an avid morning person over the years so working out first thing in the day has become my norm. For many, no commute means more time in the morning, giving the perfect chance to get some motion going in the body before your day officially begins. Whether you're planning to work on those summer abs or perfecting that hand stand, changing into the simplest work-out attire will get you onto the right path for the day. Don't forget to follow this up with a good breakfast (and shower)!


For some, the day will be spent on a flurry of video call meetings and for others, there's now free time to read that book or catch up on that hobby. Some of you may just be trying to keep your children occupied in an effort to save your sanity (and possibly your groceries). Whatever it is you're doing for the day, change into something a bit more functional. Now I know what you're thinking, 'Why am I getting dressed to head to the living room?' Ever heard the phrase, 'Dress for Success'? Dressing appropriately will mentally prepare you to meet that deadline, finish that project you've put off for so long or work on that resume you now need to update. I don't expect business suits to make an appearance but please tear off that robe or those pajamas and jump into something a bit more suitable.


We can't go outside so take the time to go within. I've used a part of this free quarantine time to reflect; not just on personal matters but the global crisis we are currently facing. After a day of reluctant productivity, getting comfy to connect with loved ones is one good way to wind down. Spend your evenings checking up on family and friends but most importantly, yourself.

We've found ourselves at a time where we need to be vigilant, not only for our safety and the safety of others, but as a new temporary way of life. Let's all continue to use this time efficiently and #StayHome if you can!





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