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The Top 3 Fashion Deals to Shop for Black Friday / Cyber Monday

A pandemic may still be in full force but so is the Black Friday / Cyber Monday madness.

Can you believe we're still in a state of quarantining? It's been over eight months since COVID-19 hit the U.S. and despite the number of things that has happened in that time, brands are still rolling out their Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals this year.

Since we're all home and many of us are not spending the holidays with family this year, who's to say we shouldn't treat ourselves for making it through 2020 so far? Given the latest lockdowns, it's safe to say I will be sticking to the online shopping deals.

[MTV's Girl Code]

When it comes to the fashion basics, you need everyday clothing items, some unique stylish pieces and accessories plus a few pairs of shoes that can easily be mixed into those two categories. Let me tell you the best places to stock up.

1. Amazon Fashion

Once upon a time, Amazon was strictly for those miscellaneous household items that you needed but could never find in store at an affordable price. Now, Amazon has become the "I need it now and I need it to arrive in two days" online shopping hub that's actually reasonably priced.

Annual holiday sales tend to focus on their brand's products which is why I recommend their sale to stock up on essentials; "Amazon Essentials" to be exact. The brand's name-sake department hosts all the current season fashion needs for everyone in the family. From puffers and vests for Dad to fleece items for Mom and cozy sleepwear for the kiddies, you'll find the stuff you actually need this coming winter for the low low.

2. Asos

"As Seen On Screen" [ASOS] started out as an exclusive place to purchase clothes and accessories that imitated celebrities' looks on television. The online British fashion brand now boasts over 800 European brands as well as their name-sake brand. ASOS does not have a product review system in place on their website. Instead, they've adopted a modern strategy - taking complaints and feedback on Twitter. This is both genius and somewhat amusing.

I recommend using their sale to stock up on unique fashion from non-American brands at what will be an even lower cost than usual.

3. 6PM

6PM Logo

"It's time to get your brand fix." Technically owned by Amazon, 6PM is the discount retail division of Zappos. My go-to option for name brand shoes, this online store hosts all the high end brands you're looking for at a price point you might think is a scam.

As an added bonus, here are 5 tips to keep in mind before shopping:

  1. Set a budget for yourself. Don't get caught up in the madness before making solid decisions on how much you plan to spend. Allocating those precious coins in advance will keep you from overspending.

  2. Use the brand's app. It's safe to say we all use our phones more than our laptops or desktops so navigating through an app may be easier than rummaging through the desktop version of a website.

  3. Use filters when searching for items, this will prevent you from the endless scroll of items you don't wish to see.

  4. Create a wish list. Many retailers offer the option directly through their websites and it's a great way to prepare for what you plan to purchase. Nothing's worse than missing out on a deal because you're rummaging through a website at the last minute.

  5. Check return policies. Online shopping can sometimes be a hit or miss on sizing and fit. Don't get caught in the cross fire of unwanted items that cannot be returned so be sure to check the brand's policy on sale returns.

That's it! Don't get overwhelmed by the enormous lists of different sales happening when you can grab what you want and need from just a few.

HAPPY SHOPPING my fashionistas!





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