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Unless you live under the sea, you’ve heard about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like many of you, I’ve been stuck inside chugging wine, stuffing my face with anything from my kitchen and binging every Netflix show that pops up on my feed.

I decided to finally take a stand and make some good use of my time - you know, instead of “working remotely”. Time to reorganize my closet.

Over the many years I’ve lived in New York City and the time I’ve spent thrifting in Los Angeles, I’ve found myself with a massive collection of clothes. I have everything from Forever21 to Dolce & Gabbana to actual Couture. I started this journey (because that’s what I’m choosing to call it now) many years ago when I moved to New York and got what I considered to be my first real dose of fashion. I remember looking at everyone in the streets and thinking ‘...this girl’s skirt would go well with this guy’s jacket.’ Years later I’m still on the hunt to find all types of clothes I can put together to create outfits for myself.

Now I’ve found myself quarantined at home with nothing to do but play with them.

DAY ONE: SELL, DONATE, KEEP You’ve heard it before and you’ve ignored it before. But you’re quarantined and it’s actually Spring so there’s really no excuse.

Deciding what to keep is always the tough part and I always tell clients to think about what they are trying to achieve. Are you looking to revamp your entire wardrobe? Are you just thinking of adding a few new pieces? Is this just a change in how your closet is organized? Answering these questions will help you determine what you should keep and what you shouldn’t. But please, let go of those old jeans, face it, you have a different body now and so many more options of clothing to put on it.

If you didn’t use that pair of jeans the year before, it’s an automatic sell or donate. Everyone walks into the new year with a new attitude so it’s very unlikely that something you didn’t wear last year (unless it was because of sizing) is going to leave your house anytime soon. Now don’t take this as an excuse to buy something to replace that item - big mistake. Just because you no longer wish to wear something, doesn’t mean you should now find something else to wear in its place. Remember, this is just the clean out part of this organized chaos.

If you’re looking to sell, the sale will be dependent on the condition of the item. Many thrift stores will buy items in mint condition according to the season or will give you a decent store credit in exchange. If you’re pretty new to thrifting, do your research first! Many thrift stores may not accept items that others may and prices will vary depending on where you go.

Donations are of course the easiest. The main goal is to always sell as much as you can and if you can’t, please donate the items! A quick Google search will help you find your nearest Goodwill, Salvation Army or even your nearest homeless shelter.


The next step to organizing your closet is to assess how much space you have. Let’s face it, looking at all those Pinterest boards of walk in closets with IKEA built-ins is not going to help if you live in a tiny NY studio apartment. Now for those of you with those walk ins, I’ll leave you to those Pinterest boards...the rest of you,’s time to get creative.

Admitting to yourself that you have one small single door closet to make it all work is what you need to start coming up with ideas. My top three below:

1. Floating Shelves

I like these because you can get them in many different shapes and sizes and stick them on any spare wall you may have. Another plus, because it is out in the open, it gives the responsibilty to keep things neat.

2. Cubbies

We all used them in kindergarten and now they’re here to save us in adulthood. Cubbies come in all sizes so it’s great for any space and can be further spaced out with dividers. Stick them in a corner or under your hung items, I guarantee you’ll find things a lot quicker.

3. Baskets

It sounds so simple but makes all the difference. Again, because they come in all different sizes, shapes and styles, it should be easy to find something you like.


So your clothes are all sorted out, you’ve begged your brother to put up that shelf to hopefully hide that wall you tried to paint and you’re now wondering where to put what.

Start by first sorting your clothes...again. Group like items; pants, skirts, dresses, t-shirts and everything else under the sun. In the styling world, we call this merchandising. Merchandising will help you identify what should be hung and what will need to be stored away elsewhere. One of the key things to keeping your closet neat and organized is simply knowing where everything is. Searching through a closet of random items to find that one little black dress is not the best approach.

If you’re running low on rod space, first of all, get you a double rod (see pic below). And secondly, hang only long items like jackets, dresses and suits as well as any dressy blouses and bottoms that may wrinkle easily.

Everyday items like denim jeans, t-shirts and undergarments can be folded and kept in drawers or cubbies. Stacking items by like color is another piece to merchandising. This one small additional step can make all the difference in finding things quickly later. Use dividers to save even more space for items like undergarments, socks or belts.

Baskets and floating shelves can also be used to store folded items but a big space saver for loose accessories and smaller items. They are great for hanging bags, jewelry, hats, shoes, scarves and any other item you’d like to show off from your closet.





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