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It's officially Holiday Szn!

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all my US folks! Everyone else, gear up because holiday season is around the corner for you!

I feel like just a minute ago I was getting ready for a Halloween party with my is it almost December already?! How is it almost 2020 already!? I'm still just trying to wrap my head around getting used to saying 2020 as the actual current year.


If you're like me, the holiday season sort of crept up on you and you're either staring at that last item on the clearance rack thinking, ''what can I wear this with?'' or sighing while rummaging through your closet. Caaallm down.

Whether you're trying to keep it cool or go all out, these next three outfits will help you get through it.

The Calm Cucumber - Parties aren't really your thing and you're attend. BUT, you do want to appear like you tried while still catching an eye or two in the crowd.

Staples will be key to your closet; basic, neutral colors with a little added flare. Think: black, tan, gray, ivory or white.

In this look, I am sticking to these same neutral colors but adding some flare in my sweater as well as my skirt.

If it's too cold to be this bare, grab some stockings, boots and a long wool jacket.

Neither Here nor There - You are 'effortlessly fashionable'. You don't necessarily want to blend in, but you don't want to stand out too much either.

To get what you're aiming for, accessories should be your best friend. Bought that shiny belt and wondering what it will go with? Something in your closet likely will! Don't think into it too much!

Find a focus and accessorize! In this case, the main event is this ever so slightly, shimmery, satiny dress.

Pairing what may seem like a simple dress with a somewhat flashy belt is just the balance you need.

Ready for my Close-Up - First of all, you are likely that person showing up to the party one hour before it ends. SMH! It's ok though, your friends all know that the party doesn't start till And seriously, we all need friends like you. (I'm also thinking you're probably a Leo or a Taurus.)

As a stylist, I tell clients like you to never shop for an entire outfit in one go. The trick to your ideal look is to mix and match.

YES, grab those glitter pants, those fancy heels and that shiny choker and let's hit.the.road.

Ready.For.Your.Close.Up. (Matter of fact, you've BEEN ready.)


Happy outfit hunting guys!


Getting some ideas from reading this?

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