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Bxtch! it's SUMMA

Listen, yesterday, was a high of 88°F (31°C)!! It's officially summer y'all.

It may or may not surprise you to find out that fall is actually the preferred season among many Americans. So this means that most of you reading this are rolling your eyes BUT you have to be just a TAD bit happy to jump in a pool or head to the beach because it's hot AF.

Now, if you're like me, you've been waiting all year round for this 80°, sundress-wearing, flip-flop-having weather...okkkk?

Everyone has their "summer essentials" but I'm not here to talk about making sure to wear sunscreen or drinking more water to stay hydrated, so let's cut to the chase.

Being a west indian baby, summer brings out the happy in me. Maybe it's the sound of ice-cream trucks, Sunday beach days or blasting cold AC in the car...all I know is once the weatherman shows me a steady week of warm AF temps, I'm officially pulling out every pair of shorts I own.

Let's break down my fashion staples for summertime :

Crop top: @necessaryclothing

Between pool parties and under boob sweat, I am all skins out during the summer.

Crop tops have been a wave for quite some time now and I've always been here for it. Because it's already a tiny piece, I'm able to pull off a bold print.

If you want to skip the tummy out session, grab a body suit! :)

Shorts: @forever21

Denim shorts have been a longtime staple. Snooze fest.

Color is a must have during the summer and I typically choose to throw it on my shorts.

Don't forget to play with textures like this crocheted piece!

Slides: @puma

Skip the flip-flops and grab some slides. Your toes will thank you later ;)

Slides made it to US soil in the 60s but they've been around for centuries. Many shoe brands carry them too!

These have been a recent addition to my shoe game.

Super comfy and easy to peel off is exactly what you need for summer.

Pouch: @oliviageorgette

Who doesn't love custom items that no one else around you will likely own?

I am queen of tiny bags. The thought of lugging around a huge a$$ hand bag stresses me out and this little number is perfect for quick essentials.

Full look:

For a lot of you, summer is only here for a few months, so try new food, meet random people but most of all, dress to the beat of your own drum!


I can't wait to see your summer looks and yes, I will be dishing some fall favorites when the weather tells me to!





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